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Fluff and fine hair located on hormone-dependent areas without thermal effect:
limiting the risk of paradoxical regrowth. Bleached hair generally falls out within 2 to 3 weeks.

Principle of action

The Hypersurge technology of the HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA laser combined with the MLA DUAL FOCUSED DOTS handpiece allows to obtain an electromechanical effect in the epidermis or dermis depending on the choice of wavelength and fluence.
This electromechanical effect allows to generate L.I.O.B (Laser Induced Op5cal Breakdown). This technique is also called "COLD" REJUVENATION:
L.I.O.B. induces skin repair and s-mulates dermal neocollagenesis without thermal effect. This innovative technique allows the treatment of superficial skin indica8ons and scars (acne scars, fibrotic scars, dilated pores, etc.) with Hollywood SPECTRA. In just a few sessions, the quality of the skin is improved, the scars are softened and refined.
This treatment can be performed on phototypes I to VI.

The steps of the session

1. The area to be treated must be cleaned and dried beforehand
2. The length of the hairs can be shortened with the help of clippers or scissors (do not shave) if they are too long (1 cm max).
3. Occlusive covers or goggles specific to the wavelength used must be worn by the patient, the practitioner and anyone else in the room.
4. The anatomical area is scanned by the laser beam.
5. After the laser has passed, the hairs are white. Petechiae (red spots) may
appear on the treated area a few minutes after the treatment, up to 2 to 4 days on average after the treatment.
6. A repair cream is applied after the treatment.

For72 hours after the treatment, it is imperative to avoid: cosmetic products, any rubbing, hot baths and any exposure to the sun.

The observed consequences

The whitened hair usually falls out within 2 to 3 weeks. Redness, swelling and a sensation of "sunburn" may be felt a few hours to 72 hours after the session.


- Pregnancy (precautionary principle)
- Sun exposure (15 days of strict sun avoidance must be respected).
-Application of self-tanners/UV sessions one month before the session
- Taking of Beta-carotene in all its forms (diet rich in orangelegumes , food supplements).
Pathologies or medications causing a healing disorder or photosensitivity other than to UV rays
- Naevus (mole) or suspicious lesions
- Anticoagulants/anti-aggregants (relative contraindication)
- Prior treatment with parenteral gold salts (sodium aurothiomalate), chrysotherapy. Risk of localizedchrysiasis .
- Fragile, damaged or infected skin

Be especially vigilant:

- Sauna, hammam and scrub sessions
- Application or oral intake of essential oils
- Preparation based on vitamin A, retinoids 48 hours before the session

It is important to report any medications you are taking.

Possible side effects

It is imperative to follow the post-treatment instructions recommended by your practitioner.
Laser light can cause eye damage. That is why it is mandatory to wear protective eyewear during the session. The people present in the room must also wear appropriate glasses.
I understand the indication treated, the technique used, the alternative treatments available, and the benefits of this treatment.
Other side effects, unknown at this time, may also occur. The prescribing physician should be contacted if an unexpected effect occurs, or if symptoms worsen over time.

Image rights

I consent to photographs being taken to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, for medical education and training. No photographs revealing my identity will be used without my consent.


The pre- and post-session instructions were discussed with me as well as the contraindications to the treatment.
The treatment and its potential benefits and risks were all explained to my satisfaction. All my questions were answered. I freely consent to the proposed treatment.